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Mocon Permeation and Physical Testing
  • We cover high end permeation testing services involving Laminates, Flat films and packages (bottles, blisters, pouches etc.) which has ISO 17025 (NABL) certification.
  • We are the only lab in India and to the best our knowledge in Asia with ISO 17025 certification for WVTR/OTR testing.
  • Our Laboratory is selected by ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) committee for round robin testing & we are representing as a Asian Laboratory.
  • We have done the Proficiency testing with PIRA,UK successfully for WVTR & OTR.
  • We have an Environmental chamber for particularly for Package Testing (Bottles) at variable Testing conditions. For reference see the attached image of the chamber.
  • We have built three sample conditioning / Environmental rooms for shelf life studies.
  • Along with Shelf life studies we can check Visual observation like Test, Color, Odour, Appearance or change in appearance, Presence or absence of Insects & Microbiological Test like Mold Growth, Bacterial count etc.